The PERISCOPE-ALZ Study is looking at an investigational drug for people having problems with memory loss or confusion.

If you find that memory loss or confusion is becoming a problem for you, or if you often have difficulty planning complex tasks, these could be early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

We would like to speak with you and see if you might be interested in participating in the PERISCOPE-ALZ Study. The PERISCOPE-ALZ Study will examine if an investigational drug can help to slow or stop memory loss. The study will include about 285 people with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and their study partners, in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

There is no cost to participate. Participants will receive all study-related care from a research doctor at no cost, and may be compensated per study site visit for time and travel expenses.


Who can join the PERISCOPE-ALZ Study?

You may be able to take part if you:

  • 1
    are 60–85 years of age
  • 2
    have had memory loss for 6 months or more that has become gradually
    worse over time
  • 3
    have a family member or close friend who is with you at least 10 hours
    per week and can attend study appointments with you.